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Heather Villa 


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Stories like to hide  


Finds hidden stories

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Collaborates with publishers and organizations to create STEM and emotional intelligence content for children.

Provides engaging B2B copy to connect buyers to solutions. Platforms include video, web content, sales page, and white paper marketing. 

Follows leads or  researches subjects in more detail to find hidden stories to offer your audience answers. 



I'm Heather Villa, a cartographer turned writer. Before I became a writer, I told stories with maps.


How does this benefit you? I help keep you on the map. 

My technical background in geographic information systems (GIS) allows me to turn complex data into understandable stories that guide people to the answers they need. 

​I delve below the surface to provide solutions. My specialties include educational and business content. 

Working as a business journalist taught me to ask the right questions. Being brave enough to ask difficult questions uncovers the real story.

For more than eight years, the solutions I’ve tailored for specific audiences have been featured in magazine articles, newspapers, web copy, books, marketing content, and educational products.

Looking for a writer who will find the stories your business needs to tell? 



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I highly recommend Heather. She was always willing to put in the time to shape her article to our readers' needs, and also consistently met my deadline.”

Stephen Mooser, Editor, SCBWI Bulletin

I am always glad when Heather takes on a writing task. She tackles timely topics and delivers content in a way that resonates with readers. Her writing is tight, concise and delivered on time.”

Lindsay Randall, Assistant editor of NINK, newsletter for Novelists, Inc., a global community of multi-published novelists


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I am no longer available for freelance work.

Tel: 303.514.3362

I'm based in Oregon, but I've covered stories throughout the world.   

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