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Educational Content 


Includes a geological excavation toolkit and earthen block with real rocks hidden deep inside. Maps and tips for finding the best dig sites, along with rock trivia and fun facts and field notes from geologists and archaeologists provide aspiring geologists a rockin' adventure.

Heather Villa, Scholastic, 2016

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Dinosaur bones have been discovered on every continent. Travel back in time when dinosaurs walked the earth. New advances in science, along with a deeper understanding of dinosaurs, make Dinosaurs! current, relevant, and one-of-a-kind. Puzzle erasers included! 

Heather Villa, Scholastic, 2018 


Sheila Streetman (graphic designer) and I collaborated with Soul Shoppe, Inc. (educational consultants) to transform a presentation from empathy-based workshop into a children's book that features emotional intelligence. 

Soul Shoppe, 2019

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Learn how humpback whales migrate 3,000 miles each year, the same distance as the entire width of the United States. 

"Voyagers of the Sea"

Heather Villa, AppleSeeds

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