Stories like to hide.

Uncovering stories that need to be told.

I'm a listener, strategist, and writer.


Finding the story requires following a lead or researching a subject in more detail to offer your consumers the solutions they need. 

Working as a journalist taught me to ask the difficult questions to discover the story inside the story.

What's my superpower? I make people feel so comfortable they forget they're being interviewed. When assigned to write about a neighborhood pharmacy, my source showed me a tattered 60-year-old presidential campaign poster tacked to the wall. I still wrote about the services the pharmacy offered, but also included a piece of historical intrigue for a well-rounded read. 


Stories like these have been shared in magazine articles, video scripts, news articles, blog posts, press releases, web copy, and books. 

Are you looking for a writer who has never missed a deadline

and knows how to find a story? 

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