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Business Writing 

RiskRT, White Paper

Analyzed the Affordable Care Act and interviewed legal counsel, stakeholders, software developers, graphic designers, and managers to produce accurate content, which helped clients understand the federal law, preventing up to $3 million in penalties per business for noncompliance.

PayPlus Benefits, Inc., Video Script

Writing about a technical subject in a simple way requires more than understanding an SaaS product. This project involved showing how an automated product makes life easier.

PayPlus Benefits, Inc., Blog Writing

Created copy and shaped brand voice for a web-based software company to support marketing and offer solutions to 2 million payroll employees. 

Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business, Journalism

Wrote thirty feature articles to provide more than 8,500 companies and their employees current business trends.

Writer's Digest books, The Business of Fiction Writing

Contributed to a couple of Writer's Digest books to help fiction writers understand the business side of writing.

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